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Horse Mane Bags MK II - in PRINTED SETS - The ULTIMATE easy-to-use Mane Bag!

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Our newest and best ever improvement on mane care

are our MKII Mane Saver Bags!

Introducing the MK II Mane Saver Bag: the ultimate easy-to-use mane bag! Take the hassle out of grooming and upkeep and grow long, luscious locks with our newest innovative design, handmade using only premium weather resistant materials – with every horse’s comfort in mind and yours in applying. Keep your horse looking their best with care and ease!

  • Our Mane Saver Bags MK II- FUNKY FEATHERS PRINT are crafted from durable ripstop materials and equipped with heavy-duty velcro closures, providing protection from the elements. Furthermore, when used in tandem with Ray and Rain Protection Spray, the bags are highly resistant to inclement weather.
  • Each set contains 6 bags, 5 of average size and 1 smaller and narrower for the usually shorter and thinner section at the wither and bags are approx 30cm long.
  • Get the best protection for your horse's mane with FUNKY FEATHERS MK II mane saver bags!

  • PLEASE NOTE: Your Funky Feathers mane/tail bag product will be treated with a weatherproofing product after creation. This will add on approximately another 3 days of turnaround time. 

Available in 4 widths as well as custom if required; (please note; these bags are designed for the manes to be folded within if needed)

Slim: This width will suit horse manes on the thinner side and up to fitting in a 5.5cm or 2 1/4 inch bag.

Standard:  Ideal for most horses with a standard and up to a thicker mane. Width across the STANDARD Mane Bag is approx 7cm or 2 3/4 inch.

Wide:  For horses with really, really thick and/or long manes including Gypsy Cob X's, Clydesdales etc these WIDE Mane Bags are ideal with width across approx 10.5cm or 4 1/4 inch. 

Extra Wide: For our Gypsy Cob / Friesian and other heavy horse lovers our newest size with the new style is perfect for holding all that long, luscious hair without needing lots of bags! Width across mane bag is approx 14 or 5 1/2 inch.

Mane Bags ideally should be no longer than 30cm for the horse’s comfort and safety; however, they can be tailored to different lengths, just add a note with your order, email us, or call us at 0427 777 442 to discuss your preferences.

How to use
  • Wash, condition and semi dry the mane in prep.
  • Evenly section a piece of mane into 3 and plait a little loosely from base of mane and increase firmness all the way down and secure with elastic band. It is the quality and security of the plait that holds the mane bag in.
  • Pop the plaited mane into the bag, thread over tab through plait and velcro down at front, fasten wraparound velcro and close over with remaining velcro. 
  • And that's it! All done!

The MK II Mane Saver Bag provides optimal protection from outdoor elements, helping to ensure that your horse's mane grows long and thick in minimal time.

Dependant on work load, please allow up 10 working days
turnaround on mane bag orders. 

Please Note: as a handmade item there can be 1 to 2cm variances
and slight imperfections. 

(TAIL BAG in PICTURE for illustrative purposes only)


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