Meet our Present & Past Sponsored Team Members

As a very keen supporter of upcoming young horse trainers as well as the not so young here at Kaz's Flags and Tail Bags 😉 Earlier on I reached out to a few ladies that who already had been using our horse training flags and tail bags and were already recommending to fellow family, friends and clients to come on board: Tamara Janus - TJ Equine, Lee Scown - Riverdance Gypsy Cobs and Sophie Gregory - Sophie's Horse Services who alongside my best horse friend Irene Suto were the founding sponsored team members of Kaz's Flags and Tail Bags.

Please enjoy reading about our present and past team members as we take you through the last 6+ years to present day.

And as we have steadily grown over the years our sponsored team has also grown and in 2023 we would love to introduce you to our newest Brand Ambassador for Kaz's Flags and Tail Bags:

Lee Davis - Lee Davis Horsemanship

Who is Lee Davis???
Well about 25 years ago his awesome wife came out of a long hiatus and fulfilled a dream of getting back into horses. But not just any horses as long as they were black and of Friesian blood. Her first horse turned a keen fisherman, into someone looking for answers to questions that hadn’t even manifested yet. Long story short he sold his boat brought a horse float, brought a bargain $500 dollar horse he didn’t even test ride (or tell his wife about). That started his journey to becoming who he is today, a passionate horseman of now just over 25 years. Starting a little late @ 31 chock full of young man syndrome and enthusiasm it was full steam ahead (the complete opposite of what he had to do with his horses and most of all himself ) but once started, having a thirst for knowledge on how a horse thinks, acts and learns. He is also now on a journey to find out how much is needed to be worked on with himself to improve his relationship with horses.

Although he has dabbled in sports such as Endurance, Eventing, Showing, Dressage, Stockhorse challenges, Extreme Cowboy racing, LeTrek. His walls aren’t adorned with blue ribbons and trophies; however, he would like to think the 200+ horses he has started under saddle would have a gold star for their kindergarten teacher.

That is where his focus has been over the last 15 years, working with and giving young horses a good start is a true honour, something that he loves doing and he appreciates the learning’s he gets back from them. He can then help other horses sooner before they get themselves or him into a bind. His never-ending hunger for knowledge sees him attending clinics wherever he can, with respected clinicians such as Anthony Desreaux Manolo Menendez, Pat Parelli, Allen Collet, Carlos Tabernabri to name a few.

Some horsemanship career highlights would be, being the only person selected, that wasn’t an instructor, to attend the 6-week colt start at the Australian Parelli Centre. Participated in Anthony Desreaux’s first Australian colt start, fresh after he had returned from America after spending time with Buck Brannaman, and riding with Pat Parelli, gaining some insights from him personally. Being selected to participate in the colt start demonstration at Legacy of Legends, alongside 11 other colt starters from around the country, under the guidance of Buck Brannaman, Jayton Lord, Anthony Desreaux, and Brook Hazlett. All this culminating in winning the “Trainers Challenge”( A competition similar to “Way Of the Horse at Equitana) in 2022 in Corryong Vic, at the famous, Man from Snowy River Festival.

He was encouraged into teaching and although very hesitant and unconfident at first. The feedback and encouragement and support he has received, has seen him now develop his teaching and methods, inspired from the many great horsemen he has studied with. He believes in helping and giving people the “WHY” they are doing what they are doing, instead of just the how and the what to do!!! He soon found himself being understood and helping people and horses learn in a no pressure setting, keeping things safe and relaxed.
His aim is to give people a good understanding of his personal horse philosophy. One of creating a true partnership where your horse is “Respectful, Responsive & Reliable” and the techniques to turn your horsemanship dream into reality.

Face Book page; LD Horsemanship

0419 829 777

Tamara Janus - TJ Equine

TJ Equine

Tamara is a trainer based at Upper Caboolture who has been professionally breaking in and training horses for over a decade. Prior to that she had been starting her own and buying/selling project horses for many years. She rides everything from 11hh ponies up to 18hh Percherons.
She has honed her breaking in skills over the past few years attending colt start clinics using horses that only had limited handling. Tamara competed in the Australian Brumby Challenge, a competition where she was given an unhandled wild brumby from Kosciusko National Park and over the space of 150 days, transformed it into a horse that would compete at Equitana over 4 days. Tamara was also a star of the Coonamble Colt Starting Competition in 2019 where we loved watching her progress, she was a real crowd favourite.
She is currently competing in Race to Ranch where 10 cowgirls are transforming Off the Track Thoroughbreds into ranch work horses.
Tamara often has clients or students come and watch her training sessions and loves taking the time to explain whilst working a horse. She enjoys showing what she does & explaining the different techniques used between horses. She also has two gorgeous little cowgirls of her own who keep her busy and are usually cheering her on from the round yard rails.
Tamara competes in a range of disciplines on her own horses from Working Equitation to Team Penning and everything in between. Tamara’s aim with each horse is to keep them willing and soft using good timing and feel. She believes in making solid foundations to prepare horses for their future ridden careers. You can check out more of Tamara's work on her Facebook page TJ Equine.

Lee Scown - Riverdance Gypsy Cobs

Riverdance Gypsy Cobs

Hi my name is Lee, I first knew about Kaz Flags & Tail Bags back in 2018 when I purchased my first Gypsy Cob (Onyx). For the love of all the hair I decided to protect his mane & tail the best I could . I was scrolling through Fb and came across Kaz's page. I placed an order for my first set of mane bags & tail bag. I have had a lot of pleasure sharing pictures of my journey with Onyx and how his mane & tail have become so thick healthy & long.
At my stud here at Riverdance Gypsy Cobs has progressed & grown, Kaz’s training flags ,tail bags & mane protectors are a part of my program. Here at Riverdance we love doing ground work / agility ,pleasure riding , long reining, harness and showing in hand.
Regards Lee

Sophie Gregory - Sophie's Horses

Sophie Gregory Kaz Flags

🐴 Who is Sophie Gregory - Sophie's Horse Services? 🐴
My ultimate goal in life is to inspire others and to always bring you joyful, fun and encouraging posts. I have close to 7000 followers from all over the world. ♥
I am a 30yo horse loving female from Brisbane Australia. My full-time occupation is barefoot trimming horses (farrier) . I studied a Diploma in Melbourne Australia. I trim between 30-50 horses per week.
For ten years up until 2016 I coached and had a full-time business starting horses.
I love to learn. In 2018 I participated in a Brumby Safari out Western Qld. I gentled a freshly trapped truly wild brumby colt under tuition to day six riding out in half million acres. I brought my brumby home and some incredible experiences. In 2020 and 2021 I was invited back as one of the instructors for a 10day camp which was an incredible experience sharing what I know and learning even more.
In 2018 I also participated in a two day All Girls (6) Colt Starting Challenge. Winning this challenge was an incredibly humbling experience.
My greatest passion is understanding horse behaviour and through this my biggest love is the sensitive misunderstood horses whom often come with human labels. Charge a very special horse bought off a dogger truck in 2013 when it broke down on the way to the abattoir is my fairytale. Together we achieved incredible things winning Camp drafts and Sporting at State Level. Some say I was lucky to find Charge.... One day I will publish my book on all the horses throughout my life who have changed my life and taught me the next step. Literally hundreds of horses. I am so lucky to live the life I do, on the family farm 🍏🌿

Sophie Gregory Kazs Flags and Tail Bags

Mars Millichamp - Parry / Hedera Horsemanship

Ivy Millichamp parry

My name is Mars Millichamp-Parry, I am a young equestrian based in the South West. I have my own business titled “Hedera Horsemanship”, where I offer training! This includes starting under saddle, float training, working with ‘problem horses’, campaigning and more. Personally, I predominantly ride the disciplines of dressage, eventing and endurance, but I absolutely love groundwork. I have 3 horses of my own - an OTTB mare “Avanti”, a Welsh D mare “Hilary” and an Arabian stud colt “Azharu”. My Dad has an Appendix mare named Josie who I ride endurance on (she actually used to be a client horse). I use Kaz’s products nearly every day between my own horses as well as my clients horses. I couldn’t recommend them enough, and encourage my clients to try them. Some have even bought them out of my hands! Kaz is beyond generous and kind, who goes above and beyond for everyone! Her customer service is absolutely second to none, as is her products. I am so privileged to be supported by Kaz!
Ivy Millichamp parry Hedera Horsemanship

Claudia Greve

Claudia Greve
My name is Claudia Greve and I am a 22 year old Vet Student located in SE QLD. Horses have been apart of my life since I was born. However, recently (September 2020) I have found my interest and love for natural horsemanship. At the time I was searching for a different approach to train my mare that was let down by the traditional training scale and wanted to reintroduce her to the ridden work in a kinder way. 
This is when I enrolled in the Confident Equestrian Program run by Felicity Davies. Through this program I learnt more on how to read my horses body language, ground work skills including desensitisation. My favourite part of the course was learning the correct way to desensitise my mare. Throughout the 10 week course I handmade tools ranging from bags sticks, flags to using umbrella’s and tarps. I found that my homemade flags were not really up to the task and this is when I came across your brand and was very interested in your products. 
Back to my horsemanship journey, my mare was a chronic rearer and had lost all confidence under saddle. In the beginning I struggled having the confidence myself to ride her and the skills to help her overcome her fears. Within a few weeks of undertaking the natural horsemanship approach with her, there was a sudden change in our relationship dynamic and since then we have gone from strength to strength. We have been to two competitions and even winning our test, multiple trail rides, to the beach and to working equitation days. My goal is to continue to share our success with using a more compassionate approach to training horses and show those that follow me on social media that is effective and the best way to train your horse to become an equal in your partnership. 
I also have a very successful dressage pony that has recently returned back to work that I will be introducing the desensitisation work to this week. Over the next 3 months I will continue to work with both my mares to teach them to relax in different environments under different levels of pressure through desensitisation. As well we will also be continuing to compete in dressage events and head out to trail rides. My main aim with my horses is to make sure there are the happiest and best version of themselves. 
Claudia Greve

Madison Hughes and Arizona

Madison Huges 

My name is Madison, I am an equestrian and aspiring instructor based on the Sunshine Coast. I have been riding for 6 years, training my own horse Arizona who I have had for the past 2 years, training in liberty and show jumping. I am currently working towards my goal of instructing by attending clinics, camps, completing certifications and doing work experience in the equine industry. 
I am ecstatic to be a part of the Kaz’s flags and Tail bags Winter Team!
Madison Hughes and Arizona

Ella Purnell - Purnell Equine Services

Ella Purnell 

I absolutely love your flags I use them everyday in my training with our brumbies and training client horses.
I use them a lot with ground work getting the horse use to something above them, helping move them on the lunge and move their hindquarters, I just find they are the best products I’ve had a pink flag from you for years and it’s still good.
A summary of my qualifications are I’m a barefoot farrier that does horsemanship training and breaking in with my brumbies and client horses I always recommend your products with my clients
I compete at our local ag shows and recently online showing with great success with our brumbies supreme brumby and supreme young brumby, I also used ur flags in video an won quietest brumby.
My family with my children will be completing in pony club events and dressage this year with our brumbies. I have two kids that ride Joshua and Matilda they compete with their brumbies Lego and Elsa and I will be competing with my brumby Charlie. I believe your flags help to get our horses desensitised ready to compete. I’m also very passionate about riding my horse Charlie bareback bridleless

Purnell Equine Services

Georgia Kolovos - G.C. Natural Horsemanship

Georgia starts and trains all breeds of horses, specialising in wild horses, and colt starting. She competes in wild horse training and colt starting competitions, as well as Extreme Cowboy Racing. Georgia teaches horsemanship clinics and lessons, predominantly from her property in Meredith, Victoria but she also travels around for clinics and training and has trained horses in Canada, America and New Zealand.
Kaz’s telescopic flags are Georgia’s favourite horsemanship tool.
GC Natural horsemanship

Kyrie de Jong - KDJ Equine

Kyrie de Jong

Kyrie from KdJ Equine is based on the Sunshine Coast qld. Some of Kyrie’s qualifications include level 1 EA Coach, level 1 ea show jumping judge, dipl. of horse business management as well as being a qualified equine massage and red light therapist. Kyrie competes her horses in show jumping and dressage. Kyrie had worked in many racing stables, show jumping stables, stud farms throughout Australia and Europe before starting her own business. Working on both the horse and riders mental and physical abilities helps Kyrie to build confidence from the ground up.

Kyrie de Jong

Irene Suto 

Kaz's Flags and Tail Bags

(This blurb is a work in progress!) 

Irene Suto