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Horse Training Soft Style Flag - Pocket Combo
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Horse Training Soft Style Flag - Pocket Combo
Horse Training Soft Style Flag - Pocket Combo
Horse Training Soft Style Flag - Pocket Combo
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Horse Training Soft Style Flag - Pocket Combo

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SOFT STYLE Pocket Horse Training Flag Combo

We have for those that like a 'softer feel' flag our uncoated 3mm ripstop nylon material available in 3 colours that is so soft it's like a caress to the skin. Ideal for training horses with none or limited handling, and the material easily scrunches up to fit into pocket or tie on the end of pole to make a soft target for reward based training/stretches etc. 

  • Generous in size at 18” x 20” with a triple reinforced eyelet and not just a folded over corner, Kaz's Flags have been know to last years and years.
  • Our horse training flags are attached with a stainless split key ring to the pole so it will always stay on though still easy enough to change.
  • Our handy stainless steel poles extend from a pocket friendly 25cm-1.2m and are light weight but also quite strong. With choices from either a soft foam grip handle that is available in yellow, orange, red, purple, green, dark green, teal, blue, and dark blue. Or the new black and blue rubber grip handle.
  • Please be aware that the telescopic pole is made of hollow stainless steel, so that they are retractable for ease of use and portability. It is important to note that this pole cannot be used like a solid training aid, as it will cause permanent damage to the pole. At the end of each use, ensure it is free of dust, dirt and debris; which can affect the motion of the retractable segments.
  • You will enjoy the flexibility and choice of being able to do close in hand work, as well as distance without the weight of a heavy training horsemanship stick.
  • Due to its light weight it is suitable for less able bodied people, through to the most experienced user doing a long day of training horses. These Horse Training Pocket Flag Combos represent great value for money Horsemanship Training Tools.

If ordering a 'soft foam grip' handle please add a note with your order at checkout of your colour choice. Colours are yellow, orange, red, purple, lime, green, teal and blue. If none chosen then a matching colour will be given.

Please Note: The above images may have my watermark logo on them, the flags themselves are plain without any pictures on them. Due to different monitors etc colours may seem different to pictured.


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