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Umbrella - Auto Open and Close

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Adding to our Horse Training Aid range is our premium super duper auto open and close trifold signature umbrellas.

  • Not only just for horse training these quality signature umbrellas will also look great out and about at any horsey event!
  • Constructed from premium materials these umbrellas like all our products will last the distance and serve you well for many years to come.
  • Measuring at 30cm folded and 57cm extended (length) and a width of 100cm this handy size suits for desentising horses to umbrellas, sudden movements around and over and above as well as fitting one person under it comfortably. 
  • The auto open and close button is easily located on the quality sturdy handle and with just one touch the umbrella pops open and stays up till the button is pressed again. 
  • To close, push the button again and the umbrella will trifold in and then push the umbrella down into itself to pack away. An added protective sleeve is included. 
  • NB: The umbrella needs to be closed and fully retracted to auto open again. 
  • Due to the nature of the auto open and close please be mindful in training your horse to accept the sudden motion happening and begin at a very safe distance for both you and your horse. 


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