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Horse training stick
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Horsemanship Training SOLID Stick 104cm long

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Finally we have our very OWN SOLID horse training horsemanship sticks! 

At 104cm long these are Australian post friendly as well as fabulously balanced to hold and use and not too heavy at 230grams each.

The rubber golf style handle is 28cm long and fits easily into your hand tapering from 25mm to 15mm. The fiberglass shaft is 8mm and slightly flexible. The loop at the tip is leather handsewn and finished off superbly for their price! 

NB: Regrettably, our last shipment of training sticks are blemished. Rest assured, this is purely aesthetic and does not impede their use or durability.

Available in black only. This is for training stick/pole only. 

You will find these solid training sticks or poles a great option to add to your horse training tool kit. 

Please be aware our solid training sticks are very similar to others out there on the market with the loops on the ends susceptible to breaking from wear and tear or mishaps. It is only recommended to use our training strings as traditional training strings etc are thicker and heavier compared to our versions. In the event of your leather end breaking your local Saddler or Leather Smith will be able to replace the loop or alternatively like we used to do to our old 'carrot sticks' black cloth tape to the rescue!

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