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SHOWHITE Shampoo Toner for HORSES - 'Touch up Tin' 300g
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Showhite shampoo tin
Showhite shampoo

SHOWHITE Shampoo Toner for HORSES - 'Touch up Tin' 300g

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SHOWHITE Shampoo Toner for HORSES- 'Touch up Tin'

A heavy-duty toning shampoo for white & light horse socks, tails, & manes.
This soap in a rust-free tin is a clever way of washing your horse for quick spot cleaning or full washing. Once used, you can place the lid back on without your lovely bar turning to mush. Very handy for your grooming gear kit and easy use for traveling and staying away.
Great for spot cleaning on white legs. All you need is a spray bottle with water, a sponge or cloth, and the lid can go straight back on.
Lasts longer, less wastage! A sponge fits perfectly within the tin, but you can also use a rag, brush or grooming mitt, all with ease. The bonus of this soap in a tin is that it will last much longer than shampoos and bars without the nasty chemicals. We received a lot of amazing feedback from riders using this soap in a tin in comparison to soap bars. This soap lathers up exceptionally well and doesn't break down like a bar.

Introducing our new SHOWHITE Ultra Shampoo Toner! For dirty mare tails, stubborn sock stains, and grubby ponies! Concentrated with high quality cleansing ingredients, designed to strip dirt, urine, grease and other stubborn staining out.

This formula is highly concentrated, so we suggest only using occasionally for those truly stubborn stains.

  • Wash all over first with our famous Naturally White Soap Bars, you may not need to do any more! However, if some yellowing or staining still remains, use our SHOWHITE Shampoo toner in the bar or tin to remove.
  • Ingredients of finally ground volcanic pumice, lavender essential oil, lemongrass oil, lemon oil and tea tree oil will leave a beautiful fresh scent, deter parasites, and help with fungal infections. Anti-microbial and plant-based formula with added optical whiteners will eliminate brassiness and leave your horses hair silky soft, with a vibrant natural shine.
  • If stain on tail persists, it may be permanent and require growing out. Maintain new growth with directions above to prevent permanent staining.

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