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Horsemanship Training Pocket Combo Kit Package OVER 25% OFF!

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SAVE OVER 25% on this Pocket Training Package!

Valued at $149.50

Yours for only $110!!

This DISCOUNTED training package includes as pictured

1 x Medium Weight 18".x 18" Square Flag (with a flaw slightly darker line through material) and Telescopic Pole Combo w/- PREMIUM GRIP

1 x 5' Black String Combo w/- PREMIUM GRIP

1 x Liberty String Combo w/- SLIM RUBBER GRIP

1 x Blue Treat Pouch

1 x Clicker

1 x Neckrope

1 x Feed/Gear Bag

Only 2 available at this price so get in quick! 
Items are packed into the gear bag with no individual cello wrapping
NB: This package is exempt from being included with any other discount.

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