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Gift Mugs Coffee Mugs

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You can almost never have too many coffee mugs..

And with these original horsey and non horsey designs there is sure to be one there for the 'I have nearly everything so don't get me anything please person!'

At 11 oz these mugs are a great general size not being too small nor too big! Fill them with a few choice choccies and it becomes a quick, handy gift that would be yummy too! 😋 

 Available in the following designs with more to be added when the ideas evolve. 

a) Warning: If you come to me for advice..We'll end up talking about horses.

b) Horses are..For people who love work and hate money 

c) Peace, Love, Horses (rainbow tie dye x 1 print)

d) Peace, Love, Horses (rainbow tie dye x 2 print)

e) Peace, Love, Horses (rainbow x 1 print)

f) Peace, Love, Horses (rainbow x 2 print)

g) Peace, Love, Horses (pale lime, pink, blue bokeh x 1 print)

h) Peace, Love, Horses (pale lime, pink blue bokeh x 2 print)

i) Peace, Love, Horses (pale purple, orange, pink bokeh x 1 print)

j) Peace, Love, Horses (pale red, blue, green bokeh x 1 print) 

k) Far Cough away from me! (rainbow print)

l) Far Cough away from me! (black print)



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